Crunch Time

Hello everyone,

It’s April, and everyone in film knows what that means: crunch time. It’s the time to start finishing up everything with our movie. The movie is looking great so far, and we are getting down to business here. Everyone is excited in our crew and cannot wait for the film festival. The music is also coming out well, and we will get the finishing touches in soon. 

-Mike Rando and the rest of the Pineapple crew


It’s April?

Hello all! Ahhhhhhhhh it’s April which means that it’s really getting down to crunch time. We’ve gotten some major scenes filmed, actually mostly everything is filmed. We just have to get some other shots here and there. Editing has also started to come underway and it’s all slowly starting to come together. Steve got some awesome shots the other day of the library scene. I’m really excited to see them put in. 

Apparently there’s only 44 days until the red carpet? I don’t know when that happened but it’s crazy how fast this has all flown by. Also we’ve got our tshirts all figured out. Black and gold, get at us. We’re still working out what our poster is gonna look like but we have some time…some. 

All of our actors have been doing great. St. Martin has blown me away with some of his scenes lately. He’s definitely got the whole evil thing down. 

On a personal note my birthday is two weeks from today and I’ll be an adult….not too sure how I feel about that.

Peace, Love, and Pineapple, 


Getting Down To Business

Am I the only one who thought of the song from Mulan after reading that? Yes, I’m a total Disney nerd. Anyways, it’s Genevieve Canavan. I personally feel like I haven’t been to school in forever….I guess I haven’t considering we had a snow day last Friday and then I was out sick for three days.

So! We have officially received our due date for the movie. Luckily we’re one of the later ones. Mostly because most of our scenes we have left to shoot are with faculty members. With their busy schedules it’s not exactly easy to find time to film with them, but I’m confident we’ll get our movie done way ahead of time.

We’ve filmed a lot more scenes since the last blog. We’ve edited some too. I’ve watched some footage of our finished product and it looks great. I can’t wait to see how it all comes out.

We’re filming my favorite scene soon. I can’t give too much away but I will say it involves a teacher and a bunch of Uggs. Yes, I said Uggs.

That’s all for now.

Peace, Love, and Pineapple,


Blog #6

Hello all. Genevieve Canavan here. 

 We’re slowly but surely getting things done. We just filmed a huge library scene last week and it came out great! Our total number of scenes complete isn’t much but as for parts of scenes shot we have a lot. We’re probably a little more behind than we should be, but we’ll get it done. 

Our actors have really been impressing me. Most of the time during filming they’ll giggle and laugh in the beginning but then they get right down to business. They definitely know what they’re doing. 

We’re in second place for music trivs with a score of 144. I personally think we’re gonna dominate by the time the festival roles around. I mean we do have Erwin who knows his stuff, but we all contribute. So maybe I only get a few every now and then like Demi Lovato and Bruce Springsteen but at least I’m trying. 

Peace, Love and Pineapple,


P.S. Apparently pineapple is called “The King of Fruit”. Prediction? I think so. 

Blog #5

Hi its Molly Breen again. It’s February vacation.

Production Update: We have filmed most of our scenes. The boys have been using vacation time wisely, coming in to film without the distractions and interruptions of the regular school day. Today we filmed the library scene, and as always St. Martin was incredible. By channeling his inner coach he was able to really get into character.

Music Trivs: We haven’t played in forever. Alan just announced that we will be playing in an hour and of course Ryan and Steve just conveniently left….

Life Updates: Its vacation. I started watching Breaking Bad. I’m addicted.

Pineapple Fact: Pineapples contain bromelain, an enzyme that may help arthritis pain by reducing inflammation. I’m going to start eating a lot of pineapple for my knees.

Shout Outs: Christopher Columbus for discovering the pineapple.


someone buy me this sweatshirt

That’s all I have for now. Stay Classy. Heisenberg for President.

Blog #4


Hey everyone, Genevieve Canavan here giving you some updates on Extra Credit. 

Filming is going great! Our actors have been hard at work learning their lines and developing their characters. So far we haven’t hit any snags in production….cross your fingers everyone though. Things have been going a little too well, hopefully the other shoe won’t drop. 

We are in music trivs withdrawal ladies and gentlemen. It’s been a good few weeks since the crews have played. Not sure how long this hiatus will last. But when it does come back we will continue to dominate as we have been. We currently have 90 points. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

In other news Molly has a pineapple ring. It’s pretty epic. 

Peace, Love, and Pineapple,



Blog #3

Hi, It’s Molly Breen.

Production Update: So yesterday we started filming. Finally production is under go. Woo.

Music Trivs: In the battle for Snozberry points Pineapple came up short but that’s only because we prepared ourselves under false pretenses. We assumed that the competition for the extra Music Trivs points would be a Music Trivs competition buuut I mean I guess that’s unrealistic and a crossword puzzle just made a whole lot of more sense….? Anyways, we are still in 3rd place even without the help of Snozpoints. Thank you to Ryan for making this happen. (and to me for when I got that 1 point for an old song Ludacris song… thanks to NOW: That’s what I call music #9)

Life Updates: Yesterday was my half birthday. I’m now 17.5 years old. Six months until I can buy as many rated R movie tickets as I want, call the informercial numbers and maybe buy a few Space Bags, or get a job at Kohls. Sooo pumped.

Pineapple Fact: It is much more efficient and cooler to cut a pineapple with this


Shout Outs: Becky and Darci smell really bad. And to my boys in Space Gang, keep keeping Newport dirty. 

Well that’s all for now, Stay classy Walpole High School and Carl.